Best Dating Websites 2014

Welcome to, your all in one source for dating site ratings, reviews, tips, and more. We rank the best dating websites to help you get the best online dating experience available. Several factors come into play when determining which sites stand out from the rest, which we will cover a little later. If you simply want to start dating, pick any of the online services in the chart to get started.

Rank Dating Websites Features Rating Visit Site
Special social events hosted by
One of the largest online member base
Option of online speed matching
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Scientific approach to compatibility testing
In-depth profiles make for easy searching
Chemistry Starters which help conversation
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3. eHarmony
One of the most trusted dating websites
Excellent iPhone app for mobile dating
"Matching Model" - best matchmaking tool
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4. PerfectMatch Match Guarantee
Top quality video profiling capability
Detailed info with Duet Compatibility
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A few of the factors that are taken into account when ranking a site is the site popularity and safety, number of members, pricing, and the ease of browsing and communicating with other members. If you would like the full details about each website, make sure to take look at any of our reviews.

Website Reviews

Even with the large number of online dating members out there, it's not like you can throw up a random profile on any website and expect to find a minimum of one date. You want to make sure you stick with sites that are reputable, popular, and make it very easy to find and communicate with other members. We only recommend the highest quality dating websites, but each one offers it's own uniqueness and set of features. Sites like eHarmony suggest singles for you, while lets you browse members and make your own decision on who to contact. All of this and much more can be found in our in-depth reviews.Dating Websites

If you were looking for a specific site and didn't see it listed, make sure to see our full list of reviews in our online dating guide. Our guide is also full of tips and advice to help you increase your success rate, both for finding a date and while actually on the date.

Type Specific Dating Websites

Many of the largest websites appeal to a broad range of people, but if you are interested in a specific type of dating, such as free or Christian Dating, there are certain sites that are specialized for that. Not all places offer a free service or have a specific Christian section. We cover many of the most popular types and have broken each down into their own page to help you find the best website for the type of dating you are interested in.

We have many more pages dedicated to specific types of online dating, but stuck with a few of the popular ones on our main page. If you didn't see the type of dating you were looking for, make sure to view all of our topics from our guide.

What is the Big Draw of Online Dating?

Since you are reading this, you probably already know that online dating has boomed over the past several years. One of the biggest draws is the convenience and practicality of meeting someone online. Many people are too busy with their jobs or just haven't had much success meeting someone in person, making online dating a great option. It's no longer an activity that once was considered as a desperate attempt to meet someone.

There are so many websites out there that you can easily find quite a few singles in your area that meet your "requirements", whether it be the same religion, race, education, etc. Even though there are free services out there, the very best dating websites typically charge a monthly fee for their services. In return though, you do get a much better platform to work with, including features and options that just aren't offered from the free options.

Tips to Help You Get Started

One of the biggest questions that people have is how safe is online dating? Perhaps people have no idea how to initiate contact or maybe they aren't doing it right and are receiving very few replies. Our online dating guide will cover these topics and many more to help you become very successful at online and offline dating.

When first meeting, one of the biggest things to remember to is stay relaxed and just be yourself. It's very easy to over think things leading up to a date and go in excessively nervous. Don't worry, most people will be nervous on a first date and that is perfectly normal. It's the excessive nerves that can be a turn off or simply cause tension and make it difficult to show the real you. A simple tip that should help with staying relaxed is to remember that you are on the date to see if you like that particular person. You shouldn't be there with the mindset that you need to get their approval. There are plenty of opportunities out there, so just be confident and know it's not that big of deal if things don't go as planned.

We hope that you found what you came for when visiting our website. If you would like a specific topic covered, please feel free to drop us an email with your suggestion. If you are ready to try online dating, we suggest starting with any of the online dating websites that are listed on this page.