How to Tell if She Likes You

Pretty much every man on the planet will at some point have been interested in a girl and wondered how she feels about him. If you are proactively seeking a relationship and use an online dating website to help you, then that situation will almost certainly arise.  A big difference between online and offline dating is that when you are communicating online, it can be much harder to understand exactly how the other person feels about you.

The whole point of online dating is that there’s a big pool of people who, just like you, are hoping to find that special someone. In some respects, this makes things easier, because approaching a girl in a bar might be an unwelcome approach, but if you are contacting someone on a dating website you at least know that they are available and looking for love.

Where it gets harder is if you come across someone that you do like, but you can’t work out whether your feelings are reciprocated or not. Using an online dating website isn’t an exact science, and there’s no definitive way to know for sure if she likes you or not, but the following pointers may help you to answer the question.

Making Contact

If you are browsing through the member profiles on your dating website and you come across a particular profile that interests you, then the next step is pretty obvious. You send a message, introduce yourself, and see what happens. If you get a response saying she isn’t interested, then you have your answer. If you get no response, then by all means send one follow up message. If you still get no answer then, again, you have your answer.

If you do receive a friendly reply that invites further contact, then you should send another reply and get some communication going.  At this stage, although it’s too early to determine whether she really likes you or not, there are obviously some promising signs.  You should take it one step at a time and see how things progress.

Reading the Signs Online

If you meet a woman you like in an offline environment and start flirting with her, you can usually get a pretty good idea as to whether this woman is interested in you or not. When you are communicating on an online dating website, the signs can be a bit harder to read. However, the very fact that you are sending messages and receiving responses is a good indication that, at the very least, she is interested in getting to know you better.

If you really want to gauge exactly what her feelings for you are, then the tone and style of her messages should give you a clue. If she responds openly to your questions, and also asks you other questions, then she clearly isn’t only happy revealing information about herself, but she also wants to know more about you. This would suggest that there’s some connection between the two of you, and it’s probably worth trying to take things to the next stage.

Arranging to Meet

Once you have exchanged a few messages with a woman you’ve contacted through an online dating website, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to suggest meeting up in person. If she agrees to your suggestion and you go on to arrange a date, then it’s safe to assume that she is interested in you at this stage.

If, on the other hand, she isn’t interested in meeting up, then the signs aren’t so great. However, it isn’t necessarily a sign that she has no interest in you, depending on exactly what her response was. If she quite bluntly declines your invitation and communication slows up or stops, then it’s time to move on. If she tells you she isn’t ready to meet yet, but would like to get to know each other online a bit better first, then there’s still a chance she does like you, but just wants to take it slowly. If you genuinely like this woman, then it’s worth being patient and asking again a little further down the line.

The First Date

If you do arrange to meet, then you should find out a lot more about how much she likes you by the end of your first date. It can be tough to really get to know a person online, and once you meet in person, you’ll both have a better understanding of how you feel about each other.

Once you’ve met up, if you do feel attracted to your date, then you’ll obviously want to know how she feels about you. There are a few signs you can look for that can help you answer whether or not she is also attracted to you. For example, her body language will give you some pointers. Her eyes, in particular could show just how interested she is in you. If she maintains good eye contact while you are talking, then that’s a really positive signal.

Also, if she tends to lean forward while you are talking this suggest she really is interested in what you are saying and this is another good sign. If she is also asking you lots of questions, listening to your answers, and being open about herself, then everything points to her feeling comfortable in your company which is also great news for you.

You shouldn’t be expecting anything too physical on your first date, but if you get a goodnight kiss and a promise to see you soon, then you can certainly be confident that the date has gone well and that there will be more dates in the future.

Following Up

If you’ve had a great first date and decided that you really do like this woman, then you will probably be even more keen to know just how she feels about you. Remember that it’s still early, and some people like to move slowly so you shouldn’t necessarily be disheartened if things don’t progress as quickly as you like.

If, after the first date, you remain in contact and exchange further messages or phone calls, then you can assume that she enjoyed the date too. Don’t be afraid to suggest meeting up again and don’t feel the need to play it cool. If you had a great time, then tell her and hopefully she will say the same.  Then you can see what develops from there.